Monday, February 24, 2014

23 and 24

Here are faces #23 and #24 for the 29 Faces Challenge. I am thrilled with the collection of faces I've got now and I plan to bind them all into a wire-bound journal. But first I need to get myself one of those binding machines. I've pretty much decided to get a Cinch, but I'm waiting for the new one that punches square holes. I wrote to the company the other day to see when it will be out on the retail market. I hope soon.


  1. I love your faces-- I adore their eyes!
    Watched this afternoon all your vimeo videos Terri...

    fab are all of them...
    I love your cats too!
    Glad to have found you!

    xxx from Austria


    1. So glad you enjoyed the videos Susi! Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. Oh, that's going to be a joy to look at! Wonderful collection of faces!

  3. Terri Dear you are really painting lovely faces. Each one has such a sweet personality. I love the turquoise hair! Creative Joyful Bliss...


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