Saturday, June 15, 2013

Journal Progression and More

I have added more detail to my journal spread. I shared a photo of this project in its earlier stages in the previous post, in case you missed it. I'm thinking I might be near the end of adding ink work to this. Now to start thinking about color.

A question was asked in the previous post about this project. The question, by zooperson, was if it was to be the cover for a journal. The answer is no. It is actually the inside pages of a hand made journal. This is the only set of pages that I've started adding design/art to on this particular journal. The photo below might give you a better idea of this entire journal and where these pages fall within.

I've also been keeping busy with some quilting. I shared a photo of this quilt while it was in the very beginning stages of construction. Can't even remember how long ago that was and I'm too lazy right now to go looking. Anyway, here it is...done! This is a baby sized quilt but it could also hang on the wall. I had a hard time getting a photo of this one. It looks a little washed out here but in real life it is very rich and vibrant. I guess if you really want to see it correctly, you all are just gonna have to come on over and see it.

And here is another project that I'm almost done with....just need to get the binding on. This one is a table runner. could be a wall hanging as well.

Both of these quilts feature stencil designs that I created. For the larger quilt I used my Flower Head stencil and for the table runner I used the Heart Flower stencil. I applied the stencil design with textile paints. Both of these stencils are available at Stencil Girl Products.

Now go on and have yourself a fabulous weekend!!!