Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can You Say 'Annoyed'?

Yes?  You can?  So can I!  I am soooooo annoyed!  I've said that several times since yesterday.  And here's why.

Can you see those small black dots within the red area above? They smeared! The pens I used here were the Rotring Tikky Graphics. I had been brushing a layer of matte medium over the entire page and some areas smeared. I went back to the site where I purchased the pens and they are saying they are water resistant. Okay, my fault...I thought they were water proof. So evidently when brushing my matte medium over the page, if I brushed too much in one area, then the ink started to activate. Lesson learned. Next time I will prep the page first with some spray fixative.

As you can see, I've started adding color to my design.

Hopefully any of the smears will not be noticeable after all the color has been added.