Saturday, August 18, 2012


Have you ever seen a cat with a head growing out of it's body?  Well now you have!

I've been working on some other priorities lately and while that has all been going quite well, I really wanted to paint something.  I really don't have the time to spend painting right now as I have those other priorities but I just had to do it.  So yesterday afternoon I spent the time painting.

I've been wanting to play around with some new painting techniques that I've been thinking about lately and while I like how some of them worked, I'm not certain I'll do it all the same way again.  I guess that means I should move on to the next phase of experimentation.

This is painted on cotton duck and I pretty much just put it out there, directly onto the cloth, without much thinking, because, well, I was experimenting.  Well it wasn't until I was almost done that I really looked at it.  Hmmm, this cat has a head growing out of its body.  Who knew??!!  Well, needless to say, this piece will probably just get tossed aside as experimental and I'll just pretend that it isn't there.  What was I thinking?  Have you ever done anything silly like that?


  1. LOL You are wayyyy too hard on yourself!!! Kitty looks just fine to me!!!

  2. kinda cute Terri, and you could add some fingers/hands at the kitties neck and hind quarters...then it looks like kitty is being hugged

  3. I do silly things all the time but I agree with Margaret. If you don't like it though, you can always cut it apart and collage some of it into your journal rather than toss it. Just a suggestion.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I really like this AND the kitty. I think it will sell :)

    auntie jude

  5. I had the same thought as Debi - put some loving hands touching the kitty.

  6. We've ALL done silly art things -- and we should be doing lots more of them, because that's where great ideas get developed. Don't throw this piece out -- it'll be great inspiration for something else.

    Love all the playing you've been doing lately -- YOU are inspiring ME to start some playing, too.


  7. Yes, I have done something like this...usually when tired or hurrying or or or......

  8. I think you're looking at it too closely. I just see a picture of a cat with a woman behind it. It's wonderful!

  9. Gives new meaning to "cat woman". Funny..I hate it when I do something like that.


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