Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Leaves and Five Flowers

When you can't think of a great blog post title, the next best thing is to describe your art or photos. Right?

The first quilt shown here is based on a colored pencil illustration I created and shared way back in this post.

Three Leaves
28 1/2" x 29 3/4"
Mosaic collage technique (tutorial here), Mistyfuse, commercial cottons, batting,
free motion quilting, thread sketching, acrylic paint

The next quilt, which measures around 21" x 10", is something I created for a class sample.

Machine pieced commercial cottons, batting, free motion quilting, thread sketching,
water soluble crayons, Mistyfused binding

I don't know what it is lately, but I feel like I can't get a good photo of my artwork no matter what I do. Big sigh! It could be that I'm just a little too lazy to take the time to set up a well-lit photo shoot. Or it could be that my camera lens needs cleaning. Or it could be that I should find my tripod and use that instead of my shaky hands. Or I could blame the cat!

I've been wanting to make another video too, but it seems like I just can't get caught up with stuff lately. Hopefully one of these days.  We finally got some snow.  About two inches I'd say.


  1. AWESOME Leaves!!!!!! The colors and the layout!!!

  2. I love both of them but I really love the leaves!

  3. Love both of these. I feel just like you. I was getting pretty good and now have gotten sloppy with my photography. Mainly due to laziness or being in a hurry to post it before I have to move on to something else.

    Best tip I got to keep everything square was to zoom in on it rather then get closer to it. That really works.

  4. I love the title...and both your pieces..especially the leaves :)

  5. These photos certainly look great, but I know the feelings you're having. Both wonderful quilts! Three Leaves seems to have a new look with the cooler color scheme, cool!

  6. Both pieces are awesome Terri! I don't know which one I like best because I love them both.

    I think your pictures look great but I know how you feel. I think you should blame the cat! I have picture issues too. I can't figure out how to completely remove the background although I think I might be figuring it out. (I hope!) I don't always use a tripod either. I often sit in my desk chair and steady my arms on the arms of the chair to take photos. It's my shortcut!

  7. LOVE, love, love those leaves AND your color palette !

    auntie jude


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