Thursday, December 15, 2011

Border Auditions

I've been in the process this week of trying to figure out what direction to go with this quilt.  First I tried this fat blue/thin black border idea.

Next I tried a warmer toned fat border.

Then I auditioned the addition of a border that is the same style as the inner sashing strips.

Then paired that with a fat blue border.

And finally, I auditioned a light green fat border. 

The last option was my favorite and I proceeded to add the sashing strips to the quilt and then came to a screeching halt.  I don't think I have enough of the light green fabric to do all four borders.  I will check again and see if I can make it work or I might have to move on to plan B.  I'm not sure yet what plan B is, but hopefully I won't need it.


  1. I agreed with you but if you do not have enough, I did like the warm peach/orange to as it brought out those warm colors in their cheeks and lips. It looked nice against the cool blue too. Maybe relook at that again or a similar color??.

  2. I love that last green fabric! Do you have enough to sew the top border? Then perhaps find a bit darker green fabric to make a window pane effect? I love these little faces .. so very cute!

  3. Did you find enough? This is my favorite option also. But, whatever, I know it will be supurb
    when you finish with it.

  4. oh I hope you have enough because I LOVE that green.......but if not would you consider doing a top and side from the green and a side and bottom from the blue?
    Whatever you choose, I am certain this is going to be a completely charming piece!

  5. I like the green also. This might not be an option but I noticed that one of the sashings between the faces in the bottom row looked like it was the same colour. If so, here's what I'm thinking. make the sashings between the faces narrower, thus reducing the overall size. This may reduce the size sufficiently to use the green, but a little narrower that initially thought. Does that make sense?

  6. I know that whatever you end up doing, the quilt will look great!

  7. Wowser, nice new website look! Now I know why I haven't seen your completed quilt :)

    Merry Christmas and love you.
    auntie jude


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