Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's A Red Kind of Day

I spy lots of red in my studio today.

And here is my latest progress on my dryer sheet quilt. Verna G. commented in the previous post, asking what a dryer sheet quilt is. Well this is it. Pretty much a string quilt.

I've been working on this quilt for several months and the last post I shared with you on it was back in January here. At that time I had two sections completed. Now I have three. It's getting harder to find floor space to spread it out for photographs. And getting a good photo around here lately is tricky as our days have been very overcast and gloomy. In this photo I have it spread out on the floor by our wood burning stove, which thankfully we aren't using anymore this season.

I wrote a tutorial on how I'm making this quilt and you will find it at the 3 Creative Studios Free Projects page here. Look for the project titled Dryer Sheet Quilts.

My goal is to make three more sections and then see what size it is.  As it is now (if there was one more section in that top left corner), I think it would be big enough for a full size bed, but not positive.  So I'll just keep saving my dryer sheets and working on it when I have a bunch saved up.