Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I Did This Weekend

A few days ago the February Color Palette Challenge was announced over at 3 Creative Studios. Last month I made an art quilt for the January color palette challenge and so I decided this month to make something different.

I decided to make the Pocketed Notebook Cover free project that Vicki Welsh published a few days ago. Vicki also shared more thoughts and ideas about this project on the 3 Creative Studios blog here.

I altered the size of Vicki's notebook cover because I wanted it to fit a composition notebook. I really should consider my size-altered results my prototype since it was sort of an experiment on getting the measurements to fit my notebook size. The most obvious thing that didn't turn out well is that the little strap to hold something in the left hand pocket is not centered over the pocket opening.

front cover

back cover

embroidered detail on front cover

outer cover opened


I didn't have the same interfacing/stabilizer that Vicki used and so I scrounged through my supplies and found something to use, although I have no idea what it was.  I'm disappointed in it because in the photo above of the inside lining, you can see it shows ugly creases.  Luckily that will be hidden when the notebook is inserted.

Here is a photo of the February Color Palette.  Gorgeous!  How did I do on using the colors?