Monday, February 21, 2011

Journal Quilt #7

I seem to be having trouble meeting deadlines lately. Even though these deadlines aren't super important. I guess they must be somewhat important though because it's been bugging me that I've been delayed in meeting them. Such is life sometimes and I need to be more relaxed and easier on myself. Hmmm, wonder if I'll take my own advice. My guess is probably not.

Here is my latest journal quilt. I've been trying to have these done and posted on Fridays and this one should have appeared here just this past Friday.

Spring Dreams (Journal Quilt #7)
Hand painted and commercial cottons, free-motion quilting, thread sketching, decorative pre-programmed machine stitching, wavy rotary blade cut around outside edge

As I was adding this photo to my file folder on my computer, I noticed that the last four journal quilts have orange in them. Orange happens to be one of my favorite colors and so I can understand why I've done this. I really should try to do something different for my next journal quilt, however. I do know that I would have no problem making an entire years worth of journal quilts in an orange theme. But they didn't start out that way and I'm not switching over now.

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