Friday, December 17, 2010

I Made a Doodle!

I recently discovered my long lost Zentangle kit that I had bought a year or two ago. Okay, maybe it wasn't too long lost, as it was under the end table next to the spot where I sit in front of the TV. You know, that spot where I keep all my creativity things handy so that I always have something to do on a whim. So last night I took out one of the blank paper tiles from the kit and drew this:

I can tell I haven't doodled or Zentagled much recently as I was often at a lost as to what design to doodle. Another name I like to call this activity is zen-doodling.

So after I created this little doodle, I decided to make it into a greeting card:

This is a great way to use these small doodles. The receiver gets a small piece of unique art work and I, the doodler, don't end up with umpteen thousand doodles laying around. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration.

The paper tiles that came in the Zentangle kit are 3.5" square. They would be easy to create from any type of paper you desire....watercolor, handmade, etc. You could even give them a pretty decorative edge with some of those cool scissors or one of those cool blades you put on a rotary cutter.

I follow the blogs of some people who do a lot of Zentangling and they are very inspiring. Here are some of my favorites:

Are you a doodler/zentangler/zendoodler? It's a somewhat mindless thing to do when you are sitting in front of the TV and need to keep busy. Especially when hubby is watching one of those shows you don't particularly like car stuff and such.

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