Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quilting Frenzy

I've been quilting like crazy this week and I'm almost done with this quilt...Growin' Tulips. Today I'm finishing up the quilting on the bottom border.

I finished this quilt...Growin' Poppies, this week too. I have the binding all done and I just hung it up on my design wall for now. I need to get it blocked.

Did you notice that blue ribbon hanging on the design wall in the photo above? It's made of fabric, very cute. Anyway, I won that in the local quilt show last weekend for the following quilt, Growin' Posies....which you may recall I shared with you a few months ago.

These three quilts are part of my Growin' Flowers series and I have one more planned at this time. And who knows, maybe a fifth version will pop into my head at some point. I've had inquiries about the patterns for these quilts and I am in the process of writing up the patterns for publication. I'm hoping to have them ready by the first of the year. Sooner if I'm lucky, but with the holidays approaching that may not happen.

All of these quilts feature background gradient fabrics by Vicki Welsh. Vicki's fabrics are so gorgeous, the colors are so fun to work with. She sells her fabrics in her etsy shop.