Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seeing Spots

Here is my progress on the third quilt in my gradient panel series. I have finished piecing the top together. The white spots you see are paper circles I have pinned to the quilt. I drew some spiral shapes with pencil and then cut them out. I am deciding if this is the quilting design I would like to use on this quilt. I am thinking I will quilt the spirals and then do some dense quilting around them so they pop.

In other news, my laptop finally died on me. I can't boot it up at all anymore. It served me well and I am really missing it these past few days. I ordered another laptop and now I wait until it arrives. I could have bought one locally, but the models that were offered in the brand I like weren't giving me features I desired. I can't afford a top of the line computer with all the latest and best technology, but I don't want one with a low end processor either. One day I hope to try a Mac, but right now that isn't going to happen. I've got too much software that I need that will only work on a PC.

So in the meantime I've been using my old desktop computer. Just getting the photo above ready for this blog post was a challenge as I don't have my usual Photoshop software to prep photos. I am having to use an old version of Photoshop elements and while many of the features are the same, the interface/workspace/location of everything is much different. This desktop computer is AS. SLOW. AS. MOLASSES. also, and that makes for even more frustration. Sigh! I hope you are having a great weekend. I've been busy quilting on my poppy panel quilt. Yay!