Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Computers and Quilting

I've read on the blogs of many others about how at times they experience computer troubles. Well, I think my laptop is going to crash and burn on me one of these days. It's really acting up lately and the other day I really thought that day had come. It is working sometimes, but I'm scared to do anything important on it now. So I think I maybe should start shopping for a new one so that I can transfer everything over, hopefully before the fatal moment happens.

In quilty news, I've been quilting on my poppy quilt. But that came to a screeching halt when I ran out of thread. I knew it wouldn't be enough thread when I bought it but it was the last spool and my favorite quilt shop owner immediately got more on order for me. So hopefully it will show up any day now.

So with the poppy quilt sitting in limbo, I got started on the next quilt in this series. Here it is as it looks today on my design wall.