Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quilts & Fabric

I've got the Indian Orange Peel quilt done...YAY! Here it is pinned to my design wall. I am in the process of blocking it and it will be up on the wall for a few days. I have the hanging sleeve on it already and then all that's left is to stitch a label on the back.

I had three quilts sitting around needing hanging sleeves, the one above was one and then this one....Three Catmigos. I got a sleeve and label on the back and now it can hang in my dining room. Doesn't it look grand?

I had a quilt hanging in my dining room in this location before, but it was the first wall quilt I had ever made, which was around the mid 90s and you know how those first quilts look....pretty wonky and wavy. It really was time to retire it.

Lately I've been doing a lot of overdyeing. What is overdyeing you ask? It is dyeing another layer of color on a piece of fabric that has already been dyed. I haven't done overdyeing before and I keep asking myself why I haven't. I am loving the results I'm getting, well most of the time. It can be difficult to know what will happen sometimes, depending on the color choices.

Here are a couple of my recent overdyed favorites.

The fabric I have dyed here was a white on white print. That is why you see the swirly, flowery design on it. Have a great weekend!