Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feathery Goodness

I have completed all the quilting on the Indian Orange Peel quilt. Yay!

Here is how I quilted the borders. The inner border was stitched with a free-form continuous swirly thingy, and the outer border is a loose feather shape.

I had not quilted feathers before, that I can remember anyway! I wanted to give them a try as I've seen so many fabulous feather quilting done by other quilters. My first attempt was not good. I started on one side of the quilt and marked some spine lines and tried a feather shape that was a bit more "formal". Well I didn't like how it was turning out at all. So I ripped out the stitches. I then Googled "feather quilting" and looked at images of feather quilting. I found a "look" that seemed more loose, fun and me. So I tried it out on a scrap quilt sandwich and was quite pleased at how easy it seemed to be.

I got brave and started on the quilt border and wow! I am very happy with the results. I am now binding the quilt and am about half way around.