Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tap. Tap. Tap. Anybody Out There?

Hello! I've been somewhat lazy lately in blogging and catching up with all of you out there in blog land. It's not that I haven't been following your blogs, it's just that I've been hurriedly scanning and then stepping away from the computer. I do apologize for my lack of participation. I hope I'm forgiven.

We've been having such lovely weather the past few days that I've been spending quite a bit of time outdoors soaking it in. Of course I love flower gardening and right now my garden is in full bloom and it keeps me busy with weeding and removing spent flowers, etc.

I have gotten a few things sewn in the studio too, although nothing in the art quilt department. I think I must be on an unannounced break from art quilting as I seem to be just working on things that are sort of mindless sewing. My three cats art quilt is still sitting there peeking at me every time I walk into the room. Yes, one of these days, I will return to you.

My next priority is to make a quilt for the next Fiberactions reveal on July 15. The theme this round is tough....memory. Actually I've found all the themes from this group to be very challenging...can we please have an easier theme next round??? Pretty please? So, I need to quickly brainstorm and come up with a quilt idea for the theme of memory. I had a flash of an idea last night while lying in bed waiting for sleep to come. Maybe I can get a rough sketch of it today.

Yesterday I caught up on some sewing that I started a couple of months ago and haven't shared here with you. I'm saving my used dryer sheets and using up scraps to create a quilt. It's a basic foundation sewing method that has been around for years and years. I learned about doing this from a fellow quilter at a local guild meeting. I thought I'd give it a try and use up those used dryer sheets and fabric scraps. Here is my progress so far on this.

I think the idea of using up the dryer sheets and scraps is a wonderful one and I have written a tutorial on doing this. It will be ready next week and I'll let you know where you can find it.

Hope you are having a beautiful summer.