Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketching and Quilting

I woke up early the other morning, unable to sleep anymore. It was still dark and quiet so I decided to quietly sit and sketch. I am behind on my Creative Cue words and so I sketched a couple of them. Up first is the cue word "arm".

The next cue word I sketched is "drink".

I am officially declaring this quilt finished. This is my Block of the Month quilt #1 from the Three Creative Studios BOM project. Here is an angle view. I don't know how well you can see any of the quilting.

Here is an overall view. Notice the inspection taking place. I hope I pass.

Gosh, even the underside is getting inspected. Now I'm nervous.

You may recall that I created the BOM quilt in two color versions. The other version I did is waiting patiently until next month. I have contacted a local long-arm quilter and she has put me on the waiting list. I'll share the finished quilt with you at a later date.