Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tutorial is Done

I've made a start on the golden yellowy-orangey kitty.

And I've finally got the tutorial finished on how I do this. The name of the tutorial is Mosaic Collage and you can download it here. I do hope you enjoy the tutorial. And I do hope if you make a quilt from this tutorial that you will share it with me.

Here is the next face in my journal. I hadn't painted for a few days and I could hear my journal calling to me. So I finally listened.

When I started painting faces again, a couple weeks ago, whenever that was....I decided to get inspiration from an online class on painting faces. I have been a fan of Sharon Tomlinson's painting ever since I became aware of her. Her blog, Norah'S, is fun to follow and Sharon certainly is an inspiration to many. I decided to take Sharon's class thinking there was probably something I could learn from her. I do believe that everyone can teach everyone else something, whether that something is big or small.