Monday, June 14, 2010

BOM Quilt Top

I have spent the last few days finishing quilt tops. I've now completed both of my BOM quilt tops. Here is the first one. This one has twelve 12-inch blocks and is the smaller of the two I made. I still need to get a good picture of the other one and hopefully I can do that soon.

I think I will plan to quilt the one shown here, myself. I'm planning on having a long-arm quilter do the other, larger quilt.

In other news....I learned something new about my sewing machine a couple of days ago. Silly me wonders why it took so long to learn about this feature. I was bending down to rearrange the foot pedal of the machine as it has gotten pushed too far under the table....when lo and behold, I noticed there was some imagery on the foot pedal toward the heel section. I studied it for a minute and a big old light bulb flashed on. What??? Is that telling me what I think it's telling me? And if so, why didn't I know that before. Well I just had to try it out.

Turns out that if I press down on the heel part of the foot pedal and then lift up right away, the needle will go to the opposite position it is in currently. So if I am sewing and my needle is set to be up when I stop sewing, but my hands are busy and I want the needle down.....all I have to do is press the heel part of my foot pedal. DUH!!!! I lOVE THIS FEATURE! Sort of makes me wonder what else my machine will do that I don't know about.