Friday, April 16, 2010

Block 8 and Creative Cues

Today was the day for block 8 to come out of hiding for the Three Creative Studios Block of the Month program. Here are my two versions of it.


We also released another bonus block (Bonus Block 4A) but I just haven't found the time to make my versions of that one yet. I've been working diligently away on the black lab quilt. Until.....I ran out of thread for quilting the background. So now maybe I do have time to make bonus block 4A.

I had been given the suggestion to just use another thread that was close in color to continue quilting the black lab quilt....and I seriously considered it, BUT....... yes, there's a BUT! The thread I had been using was a variagated thread and I don't have anything at all even remotely close. I do have some solids that are close in color to some found in the variagated thread, but I decided I just wouldn't be happy if I used something else. So unfortunately I had to order a spool of this thread online because no one had this particular color locally. :(

Today I'm a bit grumpy as I have gotten my husband's head cold that he had earlier in the week. Not a happy camper. I did get a little cheered up though, however brief, when FedEx woman arrived with a package. My Wacom Bamboo tablet has arrived (jumping up and down) (okay, maybe no jumping up and down as that hurts my head).

So of course I had to try the tablet out. And since I was two and a half weeks behind on my Creative Cue themes, what better way than to draw those.

Oh and then doubly fun was using the online Scribbler program to create my drawings.


Wishing you a happy weekend!