Monday, January 25, 2010

Shades of Red

This quilt is finished, all except for the hanging sleeve and label. I basically created this over the period of last week, working on it whenever I could grab a minute or more here and there. I snapped a quick photo of it laying on my cutting table, so it's a bit wonky. I really need to get a free day so I can take a few "more professional looking" photos of some things I need photos of.

Thank you to all of you expressing congratulations on my blue ribbon. I'm just thrilled to have received it.

I also wanted to revisit the topic of reading blog posts in a feed reader such as Google Reader. I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea...I don't choose to not follow a blog that is shortened because of any personal issues I have with that blogger or their blog. I would be more than happy to spend time following them in my reader if they chose to share their full posts. The issue is about "my time". That's all! I have to pick and choose how I spend my time and clicking over to everyone's blog to follow them is one thing that I have modified so that I can have time for things I deem more important. Please don't read that as "I don't like you" or "Your blog is not worthy of my following it".

One reader mentioned that she couldn't understand why shortened posts were so offensive that I'd stop reading them. I want to say that I don't find it offensive at all. I never felt it was offensive, just more time consuming. I think it is each blogger's ultimate decision on how they choose to share their blog posts. I totally understand that. I'm just telling you what works or doesn't work for me. Also, I do take the time when I "have the time" to occasionally click around on others artist's blogs, to see how they have decorated their blog and to see who they follow, etc. I do enjoy that, it's just that I don't always have free time to do that.

I do hope I haven't upset anyone with this discussion. I basically just wanted to discuss it, that's all!