Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Track

This week's Creative Cue word was track. Here is my quick drawing on that subject.

This weekend there was a quilt show in town. I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to it because we were supposed to have a winter storm. Luckily there was a lull in the storm action and I was able to go to the show today. I have a quilt hanging in the show. The quilt I have there is Waiting, which you can see here on my website. I was thrilled to walk up to it at the show and find a blue ribbon hanging on it.

While at the quilt show I usually can't resist purchasing some fabrics, and here is what I came home with today. I was in an orange mood. That teal fabric is one I'm using in one of my block of the month quilts and I was starting to get low on it. Now I will have more than enough to finish the rest of the blocks in the BOM. I'm sort of liking the teal with those oranges too!

Below is my progress on the collage quilt I've been working on sporadically throughout the week. I shared a bit of it in the previous post.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the issue of shortened blog posts in feed readers, such as Google Reader. Many of you didn't know how to check to see if your blog appears shortened in feed readers. I can only tell you how to look if you have a Blogger blog, as I am unfamiliar with the other blog hosts and their settings.

In your blog's Dashboard, click on Settings. Find the sub-heading labeled Site Feed and click it. Look for the section labeled Blog Posts Feed (it should be at or near the top). Click the drop-down arrow to the right, there will be three choices for your blog post feed. None - Short - Full. If it is set to full, then those who follow your blog in a reader, such as Google Reader or Bloglines, will be able to read your full posts without having to click to your blog. If you make a change on this setting, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. Hope that was clear as mud! Have a great weekend.