Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lettering School

I have always been a huge fan of fancy lettering and such and just never felt like I was any good at it. I always found myself disappointed with any attempts to add a word or phrase or quote to my art. Well when I saw that Martha Lever was teaching an online class on fun calligraphy style techniques, I signed right up.

The class started this past week and I've been practicing every day with the writing style. This is so much fun and Martha has such a laid back, easy going teaching technique. You can't help but have a blast.

So here is one of my practice sheets. At this point I'm basically writing the letters in the way Martha has taught us. In time and with more and more practice I will probably (hopefully) take the letters in my own direction or style.

The next photo is my brave attempt to add some lettering to an artwork that I have had on my painting desk for a few weeks. I did try and add a little of my own flair to these letters. I practiced this quote for I don't know how many times before I felt I was ready to put it on the canvas. And even then I think I held the pen poised over the canvas for so long because I was afraid. Afraid I'd ruin the artwork. Once I started and got going, I was having fun and I should really loosen up and if a mistake happens, well paste something over it I guess.

Happy Weekend!