Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fabric and Flowers

I made some new PhotoEZ screens this past week. Some were more successful than others. This first photo shows a piece of fabric that I've used my screens on. There is one design on this piece that I used a purchased stencil and it is the darker turquoise circle shapes.

Here is one of my latest hand dyed gradations. The most recent that I dyed is now drying and perhaps I can show that one tomorrow. This color set was made with Chinese red and chartreuse.

While taking a stroll around our property recently, I spotted this sneaky character growing. My husband is always cursing at these as they are considered noxious weeds here. I find them to be very interesting and grabbed the chance to photograph it before it gets pulled.

This year I planted a new clematis plant. I've wanted a white clematis for a while now and finally got one. Here is the very first bloom. Gorgeous! There is one more color I would like to have some day in a clematis and that would be a deep red.