Monday, June 15, 2009

Last of the Hand Dyes

Here is my latest gradation. This is Deep Yellow and Lilac. I ended up with some very interesting greens. Not exactly what I was expecting, but that's part of the fun. And when you aren't using pure colors in dyeing, well then, expect the unexpected!

I mentioned in my last post about working on a quilt entry for the Blurred Boundaries exhibit. Here is a sneak peek. I have even solved my name dilemma and thought of one. I guess it just took some thinking time. By the way, I've shown you part of this quilt before. You can see the background in this post.

Oh and are you wondering about the title of this post? Well this will be the last hand dyed gradation for a week or two as I have depleted all my PFD fabric. I need to get some more ordered. I know I can squish some more fabric onto my shelves. I just know it!