Monday, March 23, 2009


Why Ouch? I fell on the ice this morning and now my left knee hurts. Sigh! Anyway, I thought it might appear as if I'm ignoring my blog, but really I'm not. I have been working on a few things, some I can't show completely yet. Up first is a sneak peek at a mixed-media project I'm working on.

The next sneak peek is my windows-themed Twelve by Twelve quilt. I finished this up over the weekend. YAY! These will be revealed on April 1. Stay tuned!

We are having a very gloomy day today and my photos aren't the best. In fact, starting this evening, we are under a blizzard warning. UGH!

A good part of the weekend I spent organizing in my studio. I had purchased a new bookcase and hubby got it put together for me. You can see I have it all filled already.

While in my organizing mode, I came across this project that I hadn't finished. I thought it might look good on a background of green fabric.

And here is another project I'm slowly working on. I've shared the painting with you recently, but I purchased an unfinished wood frame and painted it up all pretty.