Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Feet are Killing Me

The other day I made a folder-folio. I'm going to be teaching this at my local sewing shop next month. For those of you who weren't aware, the pattern and instructions for the folder-folio are available on the Two Creative Studios Free Projects web page.

Oh yeah, did you notice that I mentioned my feet are killing me? Well today I've been an organizing fool in my studio. It really needed a complete make over. I recently ordered a new bookcase to put in the studio and because of it coming this week, I needed to sort, rearrange, and streamline a few things. While in the midst of all this sorting, rearranging, and streamlining, Mr. UPSman drove up and delivered my new bookcase. Bummer! It needs to be assembled. Sigh! I'll have to wait until Friday (hubby's day off), I think, before I can admire it in it's new spot and start using it.

Anyway, enough with that! While I was going through stuff, I found some remaining pieces of black on white fabrics that I hadn't dyed yet. You may recall that a while back I was really into dying fabrics with the Jacquard IDyes. Well I had gotten a couple of new colors and hadn't used them yet. So, I plopped two loads of Idye and fabric into the washer and now have two more stacks of lovely dyed fabric to add to my stash.

Aztec Gold / Brilliant Blue

I really need to start creating stuff with these lovely fabrics. Wouldn't you say?