Friday, March 13, 2009

My Very Own Fabric

Yesterday's mail brought me some joy. A couple weeks ago I sent an image off and in return I got a piece of fabric with my image printed on it. The online company that is doing this is Spoonflower. You may have heard of them by now as I think their reputation is starting to get noticed. They are fairly new, but will do well I believe. Anyway, the gist of Spoonflower is you send in your digital file and you can order custom printed fabric.

This was my first time ordering as I basically wanted to test the waters. I wasn't sure how well the image I had drawn, scanned, and touched up would turn out. I am very happy with it and plan to do more.

I think this design would be great with some paints or dyes added to it. Color it up any way I want to. I never thought I'd want to design fabric, but hmmmm, I may be changing my mind. LOL! Perhaps I'll just be my own personal fabric designer.

And this photo shows more progress on a couple of paintings I showed you the other day. The one on the right is a new painting technique I was trying out. Don't know for sure if I'm thrilled with it or not. I may have to think on it a bit more.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!