Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Progress on the Works in the Making

Hmmmmm, that sure is a long blog post title isn't it? The first photo shown here is my thread snippet container. It is getting mighty full and I keep stuffing everything down and compacting it more. One of these days I'll use it for something. I have used this in the past to make a journal quilt. I used it as the background. It was a journal from back in March of 2007, if you care to scroll through the archives.

Here are some ATCs that I'm working on. The fronts are finished, now I need to fuse on a backing and stitch around the outer edges.

And look at this little guy! I had an extra ATC background and so I made a kitty.

Oh, and here's a photo of something I forgot to show you before. It's a gourd that I'm decorating and I'm still, slowly working on it. Yes, I have several thousand projects going on at once.

Oh, don't forget the real kitty. Abby said she wanted to get in on the picutre taking session too.