Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News Flash

Crazy girl (aka Terri Stegmiller) has done it again. She's gone insanely mad with yet another crafty pursuit. The concensus is that she's got a disease that some of you may have also. Please see your checkbook so you can have this verified.

It seems Terri's lastest craze is spinning. Yes, spinning! It may be that there are some brain cells that are loose and have found an empty space to float around with abandon. What is spinning, you ask? Well yarn, of course.

See this luscious, fluffy pile of goodness?

wool roving
Well here is what it becomes:

drop spindle with wool yarn
Protect yourself if you can. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and avoid (at all costs) looking at yummy hand spun yarns.

Story at 11:00 (just kidding, but that sounded good huh?)

So yes, I got the spindle in yesterday's mail and have got my first round of roving spun onto it. But now I have a dilemma. I need to get the spun yarn off the spindle without it unraveling. Hmmm, sounds like more internet research time is in my future.

And then, yesterday while out running errands, I accidently walked past the magazine rack and picked up this:

While flipping through it I came across the cutest sweater:

And, YEP! You guessed it! Just had to buy it. Do you do that? Buy a magazine or book because of one pattern? I don't do it a whole bunch but occasionally do.

Here's my latest colorless face in progress.

And how about a challenge? Please tell me in the comments, what the following picture says/means/portrays. In one week, I'll pick, from the commenters, a person who will then be mailed a goody bag. There are no right or wrong answers as far as entering the challenge goes, I'm curious to know if any of you can identify the meaning of this picture. The answer and chosen name will be revealed on August 19.