Friday, August 15, 2008

Fruits of my Spinning

Well I've got three small skeins of yarn spun so far. Two are shown here and the third is still drying. I spun the third skein last night and so far it is the longest and wowzie, were my arms and shoulders a bit tired after that one.

The blue-ish one shown below is about 10 yards and I don't remember what the orange-ish one came out to. But I think it was around 18 yards.

Thank you Diane for your comment in the last post on how to remove the yarn from the spindle and then set the twist. I also received great help from another spinner that I've been conversing with on etsy. Renae from Terra Bella Spun, has been very sharing with information with me. She's got some great fibers in her shop...go check it out.

I've been doing a little cleaning (hard to believe) and have come to realize that the magazines in the following photos are probably going to waste on my shelves. I don't really do any polymer clay or doll making anymore and I could really use the space that they are taking.

The magazines in the first photo are all Soft Dolls & Animals and date back starting with the Jan 2006 issue and go forward, without skipping any to Jul 2008. If you are interested in these, please email me, and make an offer. My email is listed in my profile.

The next grouping is Polymer Cafe. Shown are all issues starting with the premier, dated Fall/Winter 2002 and all the way through Spring 2008. If you are interested in these, please email me, and make an offer.

If there is no interest in these after about a week...I'll probably list them on ebay or etsy.

Have a great weekend!