Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goodie Bags

Bags??? Did I say bags? Why yes, I did. I have decided to award not one, but two goodie bags from the challenge post. By the way, is goodie, spelled right??? Oh what do we care, huh?

On to the goodies! Here is a sampling of what I've put into the two goodie bags. Aside from a few color variances between the two bags, they basically have: paste papers, fabric-backed paper, sun printed fabrics, fabric faces, sequin waste, hand spun yarns, a knit/felted pouch, another small embellished felted pouch, a knit dishcloth, and a paper quilted postcard.

Enough with the suspense already! I've decided to choose two people to receive a goodie bag because one person was spot on with her definition of the photo. For me the meaning of the photo was...it's a piece of scrap denim that I cut from an old pair of jeans. I use it when I need to mend other jeans. And that day, my son had stopped by and needed a repair made on his jeans.

So, Rachael guessed correctly and she will receive a goodie bag. I also used a random number generator to choose another lucky person. The generator gave me #20 and that person is Deborah. Congrats to both of you. I will need you both to email me with your mailing information so that I can get these bags to you.

I want to thank everyone for playing along and I quite enjoyed all the descriptions everyone gave.

Last night I was spinning up another batch of yarn when Abby (one of my ever so helpful assistants (a.k.a. - cat)) decided that the big fluffy pile of wool roving that was next to me on the couch, was the perfect place to lay down for a nap. Well I will tell you...when the assistant lays down on your roving, it's break time.