Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beware - Long Post

This morning I broke in a new art journal. Well actually it's not a new book, I found an old, hard-covered music book at the thrift store and thought it would be perfect. Here's the view of my desk upon finishing up the first page spread.

painting journal desk messAnd here's the finished journal spread. I have found that I really enjoy looking at art journals that other artists create so I thought I'd share mine today. I'm not really good about doing this on a regular basis....but I'd like to get better. I'm thinking I should try to do one page spread a week, and if I feel like it, then do more than one. After all, it is good for my artistic soul....right? The words I used on the right-hand page were from a song that I had playing in the background. They just happened to stick in my head.

art journal page spread face girlRemember my assistant, Abby? Well she sure has got a love affair going on with my wool. Yesterday, I had all my wool rovings out because I was playing with my needle-felting foot on my sewing machine. I glanced over and found this:

Here are some more yarns I've spun in the last couple of days.

And all of the following photos are items I received in a big yellow package from Vicki. Vicki and I did an art swap and here are the goodies I got. The first two photos are some fabric squares with kitties. I love, love, love, them. I'm thinking of wallhangings, or pillows, or tote bag, or a laptop bag (which I've been wanting to make for a while).

Vicki also dyes fabrics. And she sent this assortment of lovely colors and textures. I have a feeling I may hoard these for a while before cutting into them.

And the last three photos are three tie dye shirts she created for me. Vicki is the tie dye queen/guru/freak! She has gotten so creative with her designs. I am totally thrilled with these shirts and I can't wait to wear them.

Also, in the package from Vicki (that I forgot to photograph), was some bars of her handmade soaps. I'm looking forward to using those. Thank you so very much Vicki for all these wonderful pieces of art.