Monday, February 18, 2008

The Latest

Last evening I felt like doing something. So I decided to make a hat.

clothesline fabric bowl
Tee hee, just teasing. It's another bowl.

clothesline fabric bowl
This particular bowl will be winging it's way out to the west coast. Battle Ground, Washington to be precise. Battle Ground is located north of Portland, not sure how far exactly, but when I have traveled this distance it seems about 30 minutes or so.

Who's in Battle Ground, you ask? Well my Auntie Jude, of course. Hey Auntie Jude??? Are you reading this? If so, I guess this won't be a surprise when it arrives. In case you are wondering, Auntie Jude is indeed my aunt. She used to comment here, but lately she hasn't (hint, hint!). I know she's recently had some surgery/medical type things done to her foot so that she can enjoy life more fully without foot pain. So maybe my little bowl gift will cheer her up....and ahem....bribe her into commenting again.