Friday, August 24, 2007

Journal Quilt #34 and Great News

Guess what????? I've got some fantastic news. Oh, here's this week's journal quilt. I really threw this one together quickly and it really really shows. I used scraps of fabric and the digital printed image was something that was laying around also. Did I mention I have wonderful news? Please don't look too closely at the quilt as I had strips of fabric that weren't long enough and so the unsewn joins are really showing off badly.

fabric journal quilt
Are you waiting patiently for the great news??? Okay, this is why I didn't spend much time on the above quilt. Because I couldn't even begin to concentrate on it......I'M GOING TO HOUSTON!!!!!! In November! For the big quilt show! My dream come true!

I will be helping in the Mistyfuse booth alongside my best online friend, Sue Bleiweiss. We will even be rooming together! Sue, I don't snore. As if we'll get any sleep. I can't believe that over a year has gone by that we've known each other and we get to meet in person. We are going to PARTY! Ok, maybe not really. But I would love the chance to meet any of you who will be there also. Look for me in the Mistyfuse booth.