Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Well it's official....Fibre&Stitch is out! The premiere issue that is. It was a little bit nerve racking yesterday as we were getting everything prepared. The Fibre&Stitch staff has worked hard to provide a quality online publication and we think we have achieved our goal, and we sure hope you all agree. If you'd like more information about Fibre&Stitch, visit the website at

Below are some things that I've been busy with lately:

Yesterday I did some baking. Not much of it was edible however. Although I did bake Bob some cookies, pretty sweet of me huh? I also baked up some shrink plastic charms. Sue and I are cooking up a little project and these will be involved with that.

shrink plastic charms
My nice mailman delivered these to me yesterday. I haven't had any time yet to start reading them, but just looking through them and seeing the pictures, they look very interesting.

This next photo shows a drawing I have hanging on my design wall. My plan is to paint this on the back of a denim jacket. I've never done this before, so I hope it turns out.

sketch drawing girl cat
And here's a handbag I've started.

girl face handbag purse flowers
And this last photo is of a small bag I made a year or more ago that I had put away and totally forgotten about (sound familiar?). It's perfect for just carrying around a cell phone, and some cash and lipstick. Or I think I will use it for a makeup bag.

makeup bag fabric