Wednesday, January 3, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Here's what I'm working on today. The first picture is a birdhouse gourd I'm pyroengraving. I think I'm about half way done with the burning. This is a project that may take a bit of time to finish as I can only hold the pyroengraving tool for so long before my hand gets sore.

These next photos are a step by step process. An online group I belong to (FiberArtFriends) is going to be experimenting with new techniques each month for the year 2007. This month we are supposed to experiment with combining fabric and paper. I am following a Quilting Arts magazine article with this experiment. I started out with brushing a glue/water mixture onto my work surface. Then I spread a piece of white muslin over that. Then I applied more glue/water.

Next I took a piece of white tissue paper and scrunched it into a ball. Unfolded it and spread it over the muslin. Using my hands I pushed it down onto the muslin. I then applied glue/water again with the brush.

Then I applied Dye-na-flow colors. I used squirt bottles with a watered down version of the Dye-na-flow, as I didn't want the colors too strong. I used brick, violet, and ochre.

After I had all the color on, I then took a dry brush and gently went over the colors to blend them somewhat. Now it's left to dry. I imagine it will take about 24 hours to completely dry.