Monday, January 1, 2007

A Doll is Born

Do you remember way back in November I started working on a doll and then ran out of fiber fill? Well I've finally gotten her finished. She is a present for the gal who cleans the office where I work, who also happens to be a family friend. Well she's been working weird hours over the holidays and so I expect she'll be back to her normal schedule this week so I can give her this late Christmas gift. She had seen a similar doll I had done and really liked that one so that's how I decided I would make her a doll too.

On another you think this looks comfortable? I surely don't.

And another note...I don't think I've introduced you to my two outside/shop kitties. During the fair weather days they love romping around outside and enjoy protecting us from all types of wild, ferocious rodents. During the frigid cold days of winter, they spend time in Bob's shop where it's always warm and toasty. The black gal is Lucy and the other is Patty. We named them after Peanuts characters (you know...Charlie Brown). In these photos they are about 5 months old and currently they are about 8 months old. They are so much fun.