Wednesday, November 8, 2006

WIP Wednesday

Another Wednesday is upon us, imagine that! Before I talk about the works in progress shown in the pic below, I just want to take a moment to comment to all of you out there in blogville who come here and leave comments. I am not always able to reply personally to each and every one of you, which is a method I prefer for those leaving comments. Blogspot doesn't allow all of you to leave your contact information, so I have no way to reply. Sometimes I will follow your profile trail to your blog, but not all of you have e-mail information available, and that is fine if you prefer it that way. I totally understand. I do want to say, that I very much appreciate all of your comments and totally enjoy hearing from you. You are all a great support system. I apologize if you don't hear from me, but do know that I am thankful.

Okay, with that said, this photo shows what I'm working on presently. In the upper half you will see I'm working on a Go Girl Bag, I've got the outside done, the lining is done, all I need to do yet is make the handles and attach all of the above together. The lower left girl faces are for a postcard swap with the theme of "woman". I'm still adding color on these...the eyes are left I think. Then on the lower right is something I've shown here is my homework for an online class I'm taking from Susan Sorrell. I've actually fallen behind. I've started embellishing the bird with embroidery stitches. The next step is to add beads. I need to get busy on this.