Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Creating Away

Hello friends! It's been a while. I guess I was taking a bit of a blog break. While being absent here, I have been keeping very busy. 

If you regularly read my blog, you may remember that last fall I purchased a loom. That loom, a rigid heddle loom, awakened a new creative journey for me. Rigid heddle looms are a somewhat simpler loom. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to do more than that loom could offer. More in the way of patterning and consistency in woven fabrics. So when a "can't pass this up" opportunity happened my way, I bought another loom. One that would do what I wanted to do. 

I purchased the second loom, a Schacht Baby Wolf 4-shaft, in January from a local friend who had gotten herself a new loom. I've been weaving away ever since. Below are several of the projects I've woven since January. They are all towels with the last photo showing some placemats. I've been learning some new weave structures and tweaking my weaving techniques in order to learn how to create well made and error-free products. Many of the towels below are not hemmed yet as I'm waiting for my new labels to arrive so I can sew them in while I'm hemming.

I've also been doing some painting lately. Here are four of my recent ones. They still need a coat of varnish/sealer on them.

I do still make quilts. In case you were wondering. In fact, I'm ready to get started on one today. I've printed my pattern out and it's ready to tape together.