Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't Be Hogging All the Snow!

 While the eastern part of the US is getting hit with lots and lots of snow....I've got nothin'. No snow here. It has all melted away with several balmy days, which seems so weird to me because this is usually our kick ass cold time of the year. So you know what no snow means? No snow dyeing for me. But........

I have been keeping busy with my fabric dyes. I seem to be on a fabric dyeing binge lately and that is good because I want to build up my stash of hand dyed and painted fabrics. 

Since snow dyeing was on my list of things to try and I've now checked that one off, I also had another fabric dyeing technique to try that I hadn't ever tried before--stenciling and screen printing with thickened dyes. To date, all the stenciling and screen printing I had done was with fabric paints.

So here are a few of my thickened dye stenciling and screen printing results.

I'm quite happy with how these have turned out. Especially since after I stenciled and stamped the thickened dye onto the fabric, I pretty much just let them dry. I was worried that this process might not work so well since it's best if the dyes stay wet as long as possible. But I'm happy to report that my easy peasy method works and I don't have to do any fiddling with trying to cover them up or keep them moist for long periods of time. Yes! I'm a lazy dyer.