Monday, November 24, 2014

Kitchen Towels

Why yes! These are not scarves. Ha! I had to try something different on the loom. I used a 100% cotton yarn that was recommended for kitchen/tea towels. Both of these towels are from the same warping on the loom and I wove each one differently with color placement.

Things I learned from this first towel experience:  I need to weave them slightly longer so that they have adequate ends for hemming. Warping the loom for this project takes much longer than warping for a scarf. I love bold, bright colors!


  1. Nice weaving! You have great tracking in the yellow crossed with red. Some weavers like to use a lighter weight yarn for the hem to reduce bulk in the folding. I'm always on the lookout for 100% cotton sewing thread for weaving hems.

  2. Just love what you are doing with that loom.

  3. These are just TOO fabulous! LOVE them!


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