Monday, August 25, 2014

What's Going On In My Studio

In my last post I shared some batik knit fabrics I had purchased. Here is what I did with one of them. I made the scarf following directions from a free pattern received when I purchased the fabric. I didn't make it exactly like the pattern. The pattern was a no-sew pattern, but the width of the scarf was much wider than I liked so I folded it in half length-wise and sewed a seam down the length. Now it's perfect for my taste!

I've been working on some clothesline bowls. These are not wrapped in fabric. I used some Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow to color the clothesline and once it was dry I just started coiling and sewing! Quick and easy. I am teaching my quilt guild how to make the wrapped clothesline bowls and coasters in a couple of weeks and I wanted to share this unwrapped version as another option.

Here are some fabrics I have ready for making a special request handbag. A friend of mine asked for a dark colored bag for winter time and she said she likes burgundy, navy and black. These are not colors I would typically choose to make a bag with, so I'll be curious to see how it turns out.

And here is a page in my brown-paper art journal that I was doodling on. This is such a fun and relaxing way to sort of unwind and let your mind wander.