Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quilt Progress

I'm making some progress (slowly) on my Marco Polo quilt. But I never set out to get it done quickly so no guilt trips going on. I have used all batiks in my quilt except for two fabrics, but they worked so well with the other fabrics that I decided to use them.

Because the pattern directions did not include information for a king size quilt, I had to figure that out on my own. So I am making 100 blocks total, with some of the blocks in differing dark/light configurations, according to the pattern. The four corner blocks are made in a certain way, then there are 32 outer row blocks in another light/dark configuration and finally the 64 inner blocks that are all the same. I do also have a few extra blocks made, just in case.

I am starting to put on all the corner triangles and have almost half of them done. Once that is done it is time to trim them to size. They are 10" blocks when finished.

I babysit my granddaughter Rylee, a couple days or so a week and one day when she was here recently, we collaborated on a sketch. Sorry about the lighting, we've had several gloomy days recently. It seems like spring has been put on a temporary hold as we just aren't warming up much. Lows have been in the 30s lately. But I do have lots of plant life in my garden starting to look alive. Yay!