Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yikes, Another Challenge

I've been a little lazy lately about blogging. It's mostly because I've been a little lazy about taking photos. I have been keeping busy though.  This past week I started a new quilt, which I don't have any photos of yet. See what I mean!  I'll try and get a photo of it this week.

I also got the yearning to do some painting and I've been painting papers, creating backgrounds. What those backgrounds will be used for, I'm just not sure yet. I also got out my gelli plate and was monoprinting. Yay, that was fun. I do have photos of these papers and will share in the next day or so.

And I spent a lot of time surfing the web. I was in a little bit of a funk and couldn't drag myself away from the computer to go do anything. While I was surfing around I came across something that looked like it might be fun to try.

I thought about the challenge for a few days, wondering if I wanted to do it or not. Then, I came across Dina Wakley's online class...Facing the Facts...and thought it might be fun to do both. So I purchased the class, which is pretty much instant as far as getting started. I have taken a few face classes over time but I thought it would be fun for a little booster and besides, I love how Dina does faces.

So, here is my first face....Face #1 of hopefully several, maybe even 29...we shall see.