Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winding Down with 27 and 28

Faces #27 and #28 for the 29 Faces Challenge. I changed the background up a bit and added some collaged papers. I love using newspaper print, especially headline text. But unfortunately I don't subscribe to any newspapers so I usually don't have any on hand. Magazine text would be good too but there again, the only subscription I have is an art quilting magazine and I don't want to cut that up. I guess maybe I should just pick up a newspaper or magazine off the newsstand on occasion. 

And here again, is another doodle on top of a gelli print.

One more face to go. Yay!!!!


  1. So gorgeous, vibrant and magical...stunning! I love the colorful vibe to your art..super-captivating!
    Visiting from 29faces
    Victoria #170

  2. They are fantastic ... bth faces ..with this yummie collage elements and the vibrant colors... HAPPY FACES!
    I love them...

    and the Doodeling ist just perfekt... kind of abstract - delicate!

  3. Just tell a few friends or neighbors that you would like a magazine or newspaper and I'm sure several of them would like to hand you a bag full!

    1. Ha! Yes, That is a great idea....or I could go raid the paper recycling bins located throughout the city.

  4. I love the colors in the top face ... very Spring like. :-) Sometimes there are free weekly newspapers available near coffee shops. Depends on which part of the country you live in. I used to get the one in Santa Barbara, CA when I was a college student. Of course in this day and age of electronic readers and smart phones I'm not sure how much longer print newspapers will still be available.


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