Friday, February 21, 2014

Still Not Quilting

Well the quilting bug still hasn't returned to bite me so I will continue painting. I'm just finishing up week 2 of the Bloom True online course by Flora Bowley and will share my progress on Sunday.

Here is Face #21. So far, this is my least favorite and the reason I'm not liking her is because I put her eyes too low on her face. Oh well! 

I also painted the following piece today. I felt like just playing with the paints. I think Flora's class has influenced that playfulness. This is painted on a piece of watercolor paper and is 9" x 12".


  1. oh, i think she looks great! her eyes are so stylized … they just look right to me. i love how you let the flowers/dots show through on her face. very cool effect!

  2. Terri your art is gorgeous! Definitely your own style...that I love by the way!! If you took Tascha Parkinson class she teaches the lower eyes. Lucky you taking Floras class...I have always wanted to. However it's pretty pricey!! I love the second painting too...wonderful! You have such a free flowing style with so much movement!! Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Terri I am so glad to have found your blog.. inspiration pure!
    Awesome art!

    xxx Susi

  4. I can see some new quilt designs coming in that painting....xox


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