Monday, February 10, 2014

Mish Mash

Okay...I'll be honest! I haven't had one inkling anywhere in my body to work on a quilt. This happens to me occasionally and I don't sweat it. I have other things I love doing and that is what I do when this happens. Right now I'm in a painting mode. And I'm going with it.

In fact, I'm starting a new online course. Today. It's called Bloom True and is taught by Flora Bowley. I have enjoyed her work since becoming aware of her a few years ago. She started teaching an online class about two years or so ago and I've wanted to take it ever since. Well I'm treating myself to it now. I'm giving it to myself as an early birthday present. I turn 50 this year and I deserve it. Yes!!!

The class is not about painting like Flora, but about a process. The process of letting go of fears, stepping outside your box, and going with your gut. I will share my progress with the class here. You can see I've got my painting work space all set up in the photo above. 

Below I am preparing pages in my art journal. I glue two pages together so they are stronger and can support lots of paint and stuff. The book I use is a repurposed old music book. I like to have pages ready so that when I'm painting on other things and have leftover paint, I can use it on the blank pages of my journal.

I've been working on other things too. I've been creating some new stencil designs (will share them with you at a later date). I've been babysitting my granddaughter and that takes full concentration. I've been starting to get paperwork and stuff ready for Mr. Tax Man. And I've been continuing with the 29 Faces Challenge.

This is Face #10. I could sense one of my crazy, big-eyed girls telling me she was ready to meet the here she is.