Thursday, February 6, 2014

Face 6

Face #6 for the 29 Faces Challenge.
This is another one that I had sitting around waiting to be finished. 


  1. I have looked back at all your pages at the first of your 29 Faces. I love your creative and individual style and all of the faces you have created. Your blue-haired girl here is a favourite. I like to see people, and animals, painted in colours nature never intended. The hair on this lady is great. I enjoyed my visit.
    It's hard getting round to lots of blogs, but I shall be back to enjoy some more.

  2. Loving your faces Terri and those great big eyes. xox

  3. OOH... I love the blue hair. Can I have hair like that when I'm older?

  4. Your faces have so much emotion and personality. Joyful Bliss...


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