Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bloom True - Week 1

The first week of Flora Bowley's online course, Bloom True, is over and the photos below are what I did throughout the week.

First is my painting set up. I placed a sheet of plastic over my flannel-covered design board in my sewing room. I then placed several T-pins into the design board and those are holding my canvases.

First layer of paint on the canvas. Warm colors. 

I wanted more red on my canvases so I went back and added some.

Next layer of paint added was cool colors. Lots of mark making with tools

And I just had to share my new studio helper. This handy dandy rolling cart. I've seen other artists with this particular model and I found out it was from Ikea. I don't have a local Ikea nearby so I went online and ordered one. The shipping wasn't too bad either. The thing is sturdy and made out of metal. I love it! It stores all my textile and acrylic paints. I can roll it to wherever I need it.

I hope you are having a brilliant weekend.